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If Only Love Was Enough



Genre - Romance

Ridhima sings at local Delhi cafés to pursue her passion and is heartbroken over Rahul. Soon, she discovers that she has a secret admirer, Armaan, who can’t help but fall in love with her voice. Armaan visits the café where she plays recurrently. As a spark of interest kindles within them, their life takes a turn when suddenly a major situation brings the nation to a standstill.

What does fate have in store for Ridhima and Armaan? Read on to know more!


Nupur, BooksNmuses

I really felt connected with the plot from the starting itself. It was a heartwarming tale and really made me shed tears. The poems in the book created a beautiful atmosphere, making the read worth it. The narration was simple and the title does full justice to the plot . The characters were
well developed and the story was gripping and kept me hooked till the end. The cover is really pretty and catchy.

Oishani Sarkar, Books Drama & More

I really like the versatility of this story. Ending was unpredictable. Throughout it was fast
paced. Writing is lucid and narration is good. Title is apt and cover page is beautiful.
Overall loved the book!! Highly recommend to everyone.

Sanjana Das, ink hearted

This story brings up wrongs that we suffer in the name of love in a relationship. The fact
that action not taken at the right time may lead to severe irreparable damage is shown
in this book. There are also some beautiful poems in the book.

Asma, Amazon

I'm glad that I got the opportunity to go through such a pure piece of literature. It’s like water
so pure, so clean...

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