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Lost Love Late Love



Genre - Romance

“And if on that day, instead of saying that we're late in finding each other, you had said that now that I have found you, we'll never leave each other... Then, life would've been worth living.”

Kashika takes her first step into a hard corporate life, while being in an emotionally abusive relationship with Vivaan, which has taken a heavy toll on her lifestyle, but is unable to let go. As the circumstances turn sour with physical abuse making a way into their relationship, she meets Vidit, who compels her to walk away and start a new life. 

Vidit and Kashika start finding solace in each other, which causes problems for both of them as Vidit is betrothed to someone else. Kashika feels Vidit is her soulmate but can't do anything about it. The entire situation becomes more complicated when Vivaan tries to reconnect with Kashika, and rekindle their relationship. 

Kashika feels tormented between her past and present, while Vidit is unable to choose between duty and his heart, making them feel stuck. With only few weeks left for Vidit's marriage, Kashika decides to confront Vidit about their relationship. 

Will Kashika and Vidit fight for their love? Has Vivaan really changed? What does fate have in store for her? Walk with Kashika as she tries to fight her destiny and doomed love life for a better future.


Lost Love Late Love is about toxic relationships, their psychological impacts and has the concept of soulmates within its narrative. The book is a guide to navigating toxic relationships and explores soulmate relationships in depth. Unlike other books which give out the message of what you should do, Lost Love Late Love tells you what not to do. It explores the all-consuming disastrous side of love. It’s a book that tells young people what is and what isn’t acceptable in love and where they should draw boundaries.


Nupur, BooksNmuses

I really felt connected with the plot from the starting itself. It was a heartwarming tale and really made me shed tears. The poems in the book created a beautiful atmosphere, making the read worth it. The narration was simple and the title does full justice to the plot . The characters were
well developed and the story was gripping and kept me hooked till the end. The cover is really pretty and catchy.

Oishani Sarkar, Books Drama & More

I really like the versatility of this story. Ending was unpredictable. Throughout it was fast
paced. Writing is lucid and narration is good. Title is apt and cover page is beautiful.
Overall loved the book!! Highly recommend to everyone.

Sanjana Das, ink hearted

This story brings up wrongs that we suffer in the name of love in a relationship. The fact
that action not taken at the right time may lead to severe irreparable damage is shown
in this book. There are also some beautiful poems in the book.

Asma, Amazon

I'm glad that I got the opportunity to go through such a pure piece of literature. It’s like water
so pure, so clean...

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